Tuesday 12 December 2017

Crossing the line from 'coke tart' to rape victim

Antonia Leslie argues that a girl shouldn't have to be raped to learn she needs to get tough to survive in a tough world

Drugs alter your brain chemistry, that's how they work. Most people know that these days but no drug is more suited to fuel a date rape than cocaine.

Having taken a lot of cocaine in my youth and having hung out with people on cocaine, I can talk about how it affects one and it doesn't surprise me when I hear tales of sexual excess and even rape resulting from this indulgence.

I'm not insinuating here that one line of cocaine and we all become rapists. No, not at all but what I will say is this: cocaine increases the level of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine hits the reward centre of the brain. The reward centre of the brain is what causes self-focused, self-serving, and self-gratifying behaviour. This is all during the five-minute high you get when the hit or buzz is good. It's a bit like that lovely 'whooshy' part of a roller-coaster ride. You feel like you are an expert on everything. You feel huge euphoria and could talk about anything as long as it's you that's doing the talking.

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