Sunday 21 January 2018

Cowen in office, but not in power

It's death everywhere in Fianna Fail as 'pink but perfect' Gilmore waits in the wings, writes John Drennan

ALL he can do now is linger. Indeed, such now is the wretched state of Mr Cowen that the opinion polls were not the most excruciating moment for Fianna Fail last week.

Instead the image which most clearly defined the grim state of the party came from the Ploughing Championships. In spite of the presence of thousands of the happy bucolic types Mr Cowen loves so well, the Taoiseach's media interviews took place in a solitary distant corner where he could be safely quarantined from his subjects.

In fairness, the people were quite pleasant when Mr Cowen essayed a subsequent timorous walkabout. But, like any post-colonial race, the Irish are very polite . . . until you leave the room.

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