Monday 22 October 2018

Corruption brings down terror group

Liz Walsh

The Real IRA statement conceding the futility of its armed campaign comes after a year of acrimony over 'financially motivated conduct', writes Liz Walsh

AFTER the deaths of more than 30 innocent civilians, millions of euros' worth of damage, families torn apart and more than 50 jailed here and in England, Real IRA prisoners have conceded the futility of continuing its armed campaign. The significance of this development coming from the Real IRA prisoners cannot be overstated, given that among this core group are founder members of thatorganisation.

What the Real IRA has done, for the first time since its formation in November 1997, is recognise the futility of its armed campaign, if not the immorality of it. It is the first time that they have recognised that if they continue on their current path they are going nowhere except jail.

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