Monday 15 October 2018

Conspiracy theories belong on the internet, not RTE

Marian Finucane and RTE dropped the ball by allowing offensive 'rumours' to pass them by, writes Cathal McCarthy

Who doesn't like a good conspiracy theory? This week millions of people, many of whom can count backwards from 10, will flock to their cineplex to sit through Dan Brown's opus pocus Angels & Demons. They will chew their pastilles and ponder on the mysteries of the Illuminati and their centuries-old struggle with Catholicism. They will wonder what happened to the mullet Tom Hanks sported in The Da Vinci Code and ask themselves who took care of that dark force and saved civilisation.

There is something within us all that loves the idea of unseen forces battling for the highest stakes just underneath the fabric of our everyday humdrum existence. It's really just boredom delivered as a pseudo-historical hand-job. But when the hour is late, the bottle is empty and the Discovery Channel is on, who doesn't want another look at the smudgy images of the grassy knoll.

JFK, blown away, what else do I have to say?

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