Sunday 21 January 2018

Con job that is the 'bailout' has opened the door to Sinn Fein

In the secrecy of the ballot box, the normal rules of middle-class conservatism no longer apply, writes Aengus Fanning

THE power of The Big Lie to overwhelm the critical instincts of a gullible people is infinite.

The passing through the Oireachtas last week of the sadly misnomered 'bailout' was a textbook example of the arcane art of conmanship as, no doubt, taught in banking and hedge fund colleges.

The suckers -- that's us, the people -- are nicely set up by being told it is for our own good, so we allow our so-called legislators to sign up for gigantic loans in our name and then we are mercilessly fleeced as we struggle to repay them for the rest of our lives.

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