Tuesday 16 January 2018

Come on Taoiseach, prove to us that someone is in charge

Brian Cowen needs to realise that, right now, the optics -- symbols and words and gestures -- are hugely important, and not firing Mary Coughlan looked very bad indeed, writes Brendan O'Connor

WHEN Miriam O'Callaghan asked Brian Cowen recently about the optics of a certain situation, Cowen stridently told her that he deals in substance, not optics. To Cowen, it's not important how things look, but how things are.

His message was that he won't be wasting his time prettying things up for people. He gives it to people straight between the eyes and he won't be wasting his time explaining himself or spinning or worrying about how things look. He's just trudging on, getting on with the messy job he has to do right now.

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