Friday 16 November 2018

Colombia Three's prison hell as rough as it gets

Sean O'Driscoll

The dark, dank cells of La Modelo prison might have come from a film set, says Sean O'Driscoll

ISTOOD behind Paul Hill last week as he walked into one of the worst prisons in South America. The guards gave him no particular attention, unaware than he has clocked up more jail time than most of the revolutionary and paramilitary prisoners lining the corridors.

This is La Modelo prison in Bogota and it's as rough as it gets. The Irish delegation of TDs and observers are here to visit three alleged IRA men, and by chance, I find myself the only Irish journalist to get past the security corridor and into the prison. It's not a great honour a journalist was abducted from this place two years ago, driven an hour from Bogota, repeatedly raped and dumped at the side of the road.

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