Sunday 17 December 2017

Colette Browne: Don't give trolls satisfaction of reacting to their online venom

A Twitter storm is raging about the ability of cretins to post their hate-filled bile online with impunity, but there is no quick fix for this kind of abuse.

Journalist Caroline Criado Perez received a stream of disgusting tweets, including rape threats, for the crime of successfully campaigning to have a woman, Jane Austen, feature on a new UK bank note. Instead of ignoring this vile misogyny, she decided to respond, calling out Twitter in the process for making personal threats difficult to report.

While Twitter has an option to report individual tweets for spam, only its iPhone app contains an option to "report tweet". Those using other platforms have to search for a form and complete it. Most don't bother, and simply block offensive tweeters to prevent future contact.

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