Wednesday 21 March 2018

Code of silence among politicians is shameful

The sad truth is our public representatives don't really do resignations, and the political system provides no easy way to sack them, writes Eamon Delaney

IN many ways, our offending politicians are like the lovable rogues of Hollywood cinema. Think of Ivor Callely, well-groomed, nicely clad, pictured shopping for organic fruit at a market in west Cork, while the world clamours for his resignation, or even arrest.

He only has to look back at the 1980s and 90s in his own party and another movie comes to mind -- Goodfellas, with the boys on the make, paying homage to the Boss, but with a watertight internal code of honour. They were untouchable, and the only danger was you might get whacked by your own side; off-loaded as 'expendable' or someone who eventually became just too much of a liability.

Having assured us that " every tree in west Dublin" had been checked to establish Ray Burke's innocence of taking planning bungs, Bertie Ahern eventually decided that old Rambo Burke was actually unsustainable and quietly encouraged him to walk the plank. What took Bertie so long, we wondered?

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