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Claire O'Mahony: Wife's tale of love and despair a refreshing break from usual celeb spin

We've become hardened to PDEs, or Public Displays of Emotion. It's difficult not to when so many high-profile relationships are documented ad infinitum, usually for monetary gain.

If a celebrity marries and there isn't an accompanying magazine deal, did the wedding actually happen? It's no surprise that we have become mistrustful of anyone who goes on the record to discuss a new-found love, a divorce, or a heartbreak.

Which is why the interview with Sam Stynes on 'The John Murray Show' yesterday was so moving. Sam, who is the widow of footballer Jim Stynes, spoke to Kathryn Thomas about her late husband who passed away earlier this year.

It's a terribly sad story. His death from cancer didn't just leave a massive hole in the sporting world. Jim, who started out in the Dublin minors and went on to become a legend in Australia, also touched the lives of many people with his philanthropy.

Listening to Sam touch on all of this, from the diagnosis to the scattering of Jim's ashes, which had moments of hilarity, was an affecting experience.

Several things stood out: her poise, her deep love for her husband, the loss the children had suffered and that this tale didn't have a happy ending but it was real life. She revealed that she hadn't always been sure that their marriage would stand the test of time and how they had joked that if Jim hadn't gotten ill, they would have ended up divorced.

Sam Stynes gave her marvellous interview on the same day that Peaches Geldof's second wedding appeared in 'Hello!' magazine. But of course, only one of them could be considered a Public Display of Emotion of any significance.

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