Tuesday 23 January 2018

Claire O'Mahony: Stacey might be the girl on George's arm these days, but how long will it last? He does have form

George Clooney pictured with Stacey Keibler
George Clooney pictured with Stacey Keibler

STACEY Keibler. Six months ago you almost certainly hadn’t heard of her but now – depending on how closely you follow the dating life of one George Clooney, of course – you probably recognise the Amazonian beauty. For Keibler, oh she of the tousled blonde mane and endless legs, is the latest in a long line of Clooney girlfriends. It’s unlikely to last. George has form when it comes to being marriage-shy but at least she’ll probably be the one at his side to celebrate if he picks up an Oscar for Best Actor in ‘The Descendants’.

Pictures: George Clooney

And, what’s interesting about George, is that he has also has form when it comes to dating women who, if not exactly nonentities, are hardly A-listers. That soon changes when they hitch their wagons to the star but prior to coupling up with George, Keibler, a 31-year-old former WWE wrestler wasn’t a household name. Now women’s magazines are devoting pages to her outfits (she’s wears Armani and she used to look like she bought all her clothes in Gap) and her appearance fees to open clubs and parties. have risen from $10,000 to $25,000 according to a US paper. With George on her arm and her currency rising, it’s no wonder that she has a permanent grin on her face.

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