Wednesday 25 April 2018

Ciara Kelly: What's wrong with letting teenagers grow up at their own pace?

The threesome debate is not about religion or morality, it's about helping our kids grow up happily

Ciara Kelly

AS someone who spends much of their day talking to young people about sexual health and contraception, I believe there's already huge pressure on young people – particularly young women – to become sexually active at an increasingly early age. Often before they're emotionally ready and often before the age of consent.

The battle for the right to 'say yes' – hard won by our foremothers – has now been replaced by the battle for the right to 'say no'.

Most teenagers, unsurprisingly, are actually nervous about sex. And threesomes are not something they'd actively choose. But articles like the one on the SpunOut website unfortunately make them feel like perhaps they should be up for it. That, in fact, they should be up for anything. I've had 16-year-old patients who have had in excess of 25 sexual partners – not because, as you might believe from the spin in Spunout, they are liberated sexually – but because, in their own words "I wanted them to like me".

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