Thursday 22 February 2018

Chris Jackson: Graffiti that can't be ignored

Defacement of a Dublin building with anti-Semitic rantings is something we must take seriously

Chris Jackson

ATOP the high, thick walls of the building that was to be the Anglo Irish Bank headquarters blood red graffiti bled, below it read, 'Zionist engineered financial holocaust' and 'Jewish supremacist destruction of indigenous Europeans'.

Even in a nation where Jews number less than 2,000, anti-Semitism – the most sick and storied form of prejudice – exists enough so that a few depraved degenerates decided to make such a detestable public statement. It is a statement that we must not ignore.

Persecution in Ireland, be it of Africans, Asians or Eastern Europeans, is based on the primary perceptions that they put Irish people out of jobs, or that they come to Ireland to live off the State, or in extreme examples, that they are less than the Irish. Such persecution, regardless of basis, is without question abhorrent. But anti-Semitism is different, it is a form of persecution unlike any other, and that should cause concern.

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