Sunday 17 December 2017

Child sex abuse: it is time to shout stop

The Catholic church should have no role in education as long as there is even one sexual deviant in its ranks, says Emer O'Kelly

SO MICEAL Ledwith is teaching enlightenment at a New Age educational establishment in California. What is on his curriculum, one wonders? How to pay off a minor you are alleged to have molested, and walk away denying the allegation, but with a massive pension in hand? The status of this organisation can best be calculated by pointing out that one of Ledwith's fellow "academics" is Linda Evans, the Dynasty actress who played Krystle Carrington.

And Ledwith, in case anybody is not aware, is the former President of St Patrick's College, Maynooth, a constituent college of the National University of Ireland, and the major seminary for the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland, who, before he left this country for his West Coast retreat, is believed to have reached one of those infamous "agreements" whereby he bought the silence of an under-age youngster who claimed Ledwith had molested him. Ledwith denied these allegations at all times.

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