Wednesday 25 April 2018

'Chapter 19' release sees same pain, and same excuses

The attitude of the church to clerical child abuse has not changed and it never will, says a furious Emer O Kelly

It will never change. They have not changed, and will never change. The "missing" chapter of the report on how the Dublin Catholic Archdiocese enquired into child abuse by priests makes heartbreaking reading -- the same, terrible, familiar heartbreak, the same helpless sense of being unable to offer comfort to those whose pain is weary and repetitive as they live their broken lives.

The victims of those men in black who lived and smirked as they destroyed -- all the while being protected by the other men in black supposedly dedicated to eternal truth and love -- must go on weeping while excuses are made for the men who preyed on those victims.

The predators are exemplified by the name Tony Walsh, a former "singing priest" and the chilling subject of Chapter 19 of Judge Yvonne Murphy's report, a chapter held sub judice until now because the State did not wish to prejudice its case for having the creature called Tony Walsh taken off the streets.

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