Friday 17 August 2018

Chairman Quinn, time to let a hundred high-hats fume

Senior public workers who are unhappy with their lot should be subject to competition, writes Marc Coleman

Dear Comrade Quinn, In a spirit of solidarity -- but also concern -- I write to you in support of the revolutionary work you are about to begin. On Saturday before last I met you in Sandymount as I went about my Trinity Seanad canvass.

After exchanging greetings with you, I couldn't help recalling your well-known admiration of Mao Tse Tung in your younger days. Those long garden paths in Sandymount make canvassing there a bit of a long march and the Great Helmsman was on my mind quite a bit.

Not long after meeting you, I met a man whose son had lost a modestly paid but crucial job; a scientific research position in Trinity College, which had been axed because, as his father -- also a former Trinity graduate and employee -- explained, the college was unable to cut excessive academic and administrative salaries because of the Croke Park deal.

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