Friday 23 February 2018

C'est la vie -- French voters remain blase about 'affairs of state'

The country always seems to take its leaders' alleged indiscretions with impressive calm, writes William Langley

William Langley

Phew, the French thought when Francois Hollande, a politician with the personality of bread mould, became president two years ago. At least they had been spared the early favourite, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, whose celebrated inability to keep his pantalons above half-mast would surely have landed the country in an embarrassing sex scandal.

Anyway, the new president brought with him a scrumptious First Girlfriend, one Valerie Trierweiler -- a shapely, split-skirt-wearing magazine writer, hailed by her own publication as "the world's sexiest journalist".

When Valerie clattered up the Elysees's marble steps, slipsteaming expensive perfume, the look of triumph in her caramelly eyes suggested she would not easily be shifted.

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