Saturday 18 November 2017

Celine Naughton: Unpopular quotas may be only way to finally break through glass ceiling

Celine Naughton

We're capable and qualified, so why in 2013 – 40 years after the abolition of the marriage bar in public service jobs – are there still so few Irish women making it to the top in business?

A new Irish Independent survey highlights an astonishingly unequal representation of women across all sectors of public life – business, politics, education, finance, culture and the arts. Yes, we can all name a certain number of trailblazers – Mary Robinson, who defined a new kind of presidency; Mary McAleese, her successor in the Aras; Katie Taylor and the Irish women's rugby team for their dazzling sporting achievements; and Chief Justice Susan Denham, are just a handful of names that come to mind.

But that's the problem – only a handful of women are breaking the glass ceiling across the board in Irish life.

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