Tuesday 23 October 2018

Celia -- the greatest political wife this country never had

Celia Larkin was a loyal wife in Dublin Castle last week, in every way but name, says Sarah Caden

It was an understandable mistake but no less embarrassing for being understandable. Several times, during the first day of Bertie Ahern's official visit to Mexico, the welcoming president, Vicente Fox, referred to An Taoiseach's companion as "Mrs Ahern".

By day two, Fox had been put straight, but by then the damage was done, the embarrassment caused and the question of Celia Larkin as First Lady without the seal of marriage had been stirred up back home.

Of course, Fox had no reason to assume Celia was anything other than Bertie's wife. She was everything else after all, official companion, prominent and public, his long-term partner, right-hand woman, as good as Mrs Ahern in everything but name and on paper.

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