Friday 19 January 2018

Celia Larkin: We made her into a monster, but this is the real Heather

We must all share the blame for the way Paul McCartney's ex was torn apart in public, writes Celia Larkin

There was something very satisfying about Heather Mills finally having her voice heard above the roar of the Red Tops.

Heather has been vilified in the press from the day she married Paul McCartney. First she was a gold digger for marrying him. Then, when it went wrong, it was nothing to do with him. It was all HER fault. She was difficult. She was self-serving. She was undeserving of the King they called Macca. The poor girl could do nothing right. She was even accused of knowingly causing the death of her neighbour's dog. An accusation that seemed unlikely, given her charity work centred on animal welfare.

Piers Morgan seemed to imply that Heather Mills had consented to tapes being played to him, tapes in which Paul McCartney apologised for a row they had. This was a paper who had branded her a gold digger, 'Mucca' to his 'Macca', questioned the sincerity of her charity work, work that commenced long before Heather met McCartney. Who in their right mind would believe she would assist such a newspaper? Well, you know what? Most of us DID believe the spin. It's the old story; tell it often enough and people will begin to believe it. And that's what happened to Heather Mills.

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