Thursday 14 December 2017

Celia Larkin: Taoiseach must protect rights of all our citizens

Enda doesn't have to agree with gay marriage, but as national leader he should open the issue for debate, says Celia Larkin

Politically, it is never easy to grasp a moral or social nettle. Some issues are never win/win, particularly when you lead a conservative party like Fine Gael.

I can understand the dilemma Taoiseach Enda Kenny finds himself in in relation to same-sex marriage. Change is never easy. Particularly change on social issues. And moving the options for gay couples from civil partnership to full marriage is arguably the last of the big social changes. But being Taoiseach, in fact being at the top of any political party, is about giving leadership -- not just on financial issues but on social issues also.

Let's not miss the key point here, which is not whether Enda Kenny himself is in favour of same-sex marriage or indeed if he himself is in favour of divorce or any other issue relating to marriage. What matters is that he is politician enough to represent all the people and ensure that all our citizens are treated equally under the law.

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