Thursday 22 February 2018

Celia Larkin: Our country cousins could teach us a thing or two about reaping what we sow

Rural folk know the value of community as well as the true cost of accumulating debt, writes Celia Larkin

Selling our assets indeed. You wouldn't catch a farmer selling his/her main assets. Oh what fools we city slickers turned out to be. We thought we were sophisticated, with our million-euro properties, big cars and holiday homes.

"Look at us," we thought, "haven't we got it made." Not for us acres of land just to graze cattle on. No, land to us meant building sites, dollar signs, quick profits. No long-term investments, no tiddly little loans of €50k. It had to be millions or it wasn't worth the bother. And the banks bought into it.

As Connie Francis once sang: "Who's sorry now?"

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