Saturday 25 November 2017

Cead mile failte to a land where feral thugs roam

As four men are jailed for violent attacks last St Patrick's Day, Cathal MacCarthy seeks a few answers

HERE'S a little thought experiment. Imagine that you're at a little fete in a provincial town in France. Imagine that everyone's out to watch a parade because it's a national holiday. The children all wear shiny badges and wave their little flags. The parents and townspeople laugh and joke as they greet friends and neighbours.

Now try and visualise a group of four or five drunken, violent morons staggering down the street and gathering around a teenage boy or old man. No, wait a minute; let's make him an American tourist. Try and imagine the drunken morons beating him to the ground in front of everyone, kicking him uncon-scious, and then staggering off, blearily trying to focus on their next target.

Visualise them doing that for over six hours. Working their vicious, cowardly way through perhaps a dozen people during the course of the day 'til they pass out at home, dragging knuckles reddened from their day's sport and trainers scuffed from all that kicking at all those faces.

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