Thursday 22 February 2018

Carol Hunt: Our tolerance for applauding liars means that they still top the poll

Let's face it. We're addicted to playing put-upon colonial politics.

Carol Hunt

Carol Hunt

AUSEFUL trick for parents. Next time your kid gives you a sorry sceal about how it wasn't he or she who broke the window/killed the cat/blew up the kitchen, watch their eyes. According to the experts who know about such stuff (CIA interrogators and the like), people look up to the left when they are recalling an event and to the right when they are imagining one. So, if junior has eyes right, chances are he's fibbing.

Perhaps we should equip Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett with a pair of binoculars during question time in the Dail? Or cameras could zoom in on each deputy's face as they speak and we could take a note of which way their eyes pointed. Paddy Power could take bets, 2/1 on right or (more likely) 8/2 left.

We would have known to analyse Deputy Flanagan's face as he talked about certain "important people" for whom penalty points had been quashed. (His public lies about his own points were told on social media and to journalists privately.) And even though Ming didn't do anything illegal, or even technically "corrupt" (though he described it as such), PR guru Terry Prone described him as a "nasty, lying, manipulative, law-breaking, creepy politician". What on earth will she say about Michael "f**king" Lowry?

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