Monday 20 November 2017

Carol Hunt: No inquiry - we're finally ready for real justice

The anger's almost physical now. The Anglo tapes may have forced us to our tipping point.

Carol Hunt

Carol Hunt

So have we reached it yet? The tipping point? That moment where we collectively stop saying, "Well, I shouldn't complain, there are people much worse off than I am", and start acting on behalf of those people? Or do we need a summer of creeping discontent; a slow, poisonous dripping of audio exposes revealing, depressingly, how well and truly f**ked (apologies for the crudity, but the abuse done to us justifies it) we, the Irish sovereign people, have been by our so-called elites, before we finally say "we want some justice"?

Even last week, our politicians seem more concerned about the Germans being upset than the fact that they allowed an entire nation to be beggared by a bunch of testosterone-fuelled vandals. That's when they're not taking cheap potshots at each other across the Dail chamber like petulant children.

Meanwhile, in a piece of timing so fortuitous it would make the luckiest of Napoleonic generals blush, Fishamble's New Play Company choose this week to showcase journalist Colin Murphy's docudrama Guaranteed! (a play about the lead-up to the bank guarantee). On the nights I attended, the theatres were packed with audiences giddy for information, desperate for analysis and explanations.

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