Monday 11 December 2017

Carol Hunt: Leo lays it out, clear as day -- but we all knew pay deal was a crock

Solidarity is impossible when one camp refuses to face reality and insists that they are privileged, writes Carol Hunt

Recently a Fine Gael politician asked me to guess what Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar's IQ level was. Not wanting to appear rude, I declined. He told me anyway. It's through the ceiling, Mensa level.

Really? Well I never would have guessed. Leo, I'd thought, was a carbon copy of your typical professional politician; say what you have to say to get into power, protect the vested interests when you get there and survive to collect a hefty pension. But I've changed my mind, and Varadkar now gets my politician of the week award. That's because he dared to suggest that pretending the Croke Park deal was a public good may actually be a brazen example of the emperor having no clothes.

OK, he didn't put it quite like that, he just said that pay increments we can't possibly afford aren't a great idea at the moment and that compulsory redundancies would eventually have to be introduced if there was going to be real reform in the public sector.

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