Tuesday 20 March 2018

Carol Hunt: Labour acted purely in self-interest

The party's irrational support of the Croke Park Agreement has caused Carol Hunt to lose faith in Labour

Carol Hunt

Carol Hunt

We're very fond of quoting that old chestnut, "cherishing all the children of the nation equally", aren't we? Although in 2012, as in 1916, we seem to give the notion little more than lip service. Like last week, when children in two societal groups were firmly shown how "equal" our Government really thinks they are.

Initially I had to pinch myself when I first heard the proposals -- from a Labour Minister of Social Protection, the irony and shame of it -- to eventually stop lone-parent allowance to parents of children over seven.

It seemed Dickensian in the extreme. Was the minister hoping the kids could support themselves with a bit of chimney-sweeping work, or form a gang of entrepreneurial pick-pockets after school or during their holidays?

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