Wednesday 13 December 2017

Carol Hunt : Just as our debt burden has got to be revised, so must the Croke Park deal

Regardless of where you stand ideologically, a renegotiation is simply the right thing to do, writes Carol Hunt

Carol Hunt

Carol Hunt

LAST week, yet again, I was reminded of two observations from antiquity. The first a Roman saying, Fiat justitia -- ruat caelum: "Do justice though the heavens fall." The second, the observation that though courage is not in itself a primary virtue, without it, the exercise of the other virtues becomes impossible.

There are positions one can take in life or in politics which effortlessly garner support, where it does not require too much courage to be on the side of the angels against injustice.

One such example is that of the Drop The Debt campaign of which I wrote last week. It seems only rational, honourable and courageous to oppose those in positions of power who wish to saddle innocents with the debts of others. It is a good and honest argument, one worth supporting. And it certainly is a just and rational one. But there is nothing particularly courageous about fighting for such a cause -- which the majority of citizens know to be worthy.

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