Monday 19 February 2018

Carol Hunt : 'If you're so deprived, why don't you call up Childline?'

Austerity is having a serious knock-on effect as children take on the worries of their parents, writes Carol Hunt

'AH, god love ye, if you're so deprived, why don't you call Childline?" is a comment I've heard regularly over the years from exhausted, frustrated parents when met with the sometimes impossible demands of the 21st-Century child.

"You don't know you're born," is another; particularly at this time of year when so many children enjoy, not just a visit from Santa, but a myriad of other treats and outings which were probably non-existent in your time and mine.

Of course all generations believe that those who come after them are wealthier, luckier, enjoy better education and have more freedom to follow the path they most desire. This is how it should be. It is the progress of civilisation; making things better for our children and consequently for mankind as a whole.

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