Friday 20 April 2018

Carol Hunt: 'Cougar Diaries' lays bare funny, messy reality of sex

When Aoife Brennan's life fell apart, she decided to put it through the 'comic erotica' fiction mill

Carol Hunt

Carol Hunt

'IT'S definitely fiction," says Aoife Brennan to me over a glass of dry Chardonnay. "It's not my life. But it is me saying: 'If I were in a bonkbuster, what would I do?'

"You see," this funny, vivacious woman tells me, "recently my life fell apart – I went through a separation and with the recession and everything, things became very tough. I was broke, so I thought, what can I do?"

What Aoife did was write a novel, in the genre of "comic erotica – if there is such a thing", she says with a laugh.

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