Tuesday 21 November 2017

Carol Hunt: Anonymity should not be used as a cover for cruelty

Nothing gives a person the right to abuse another, whether online or in real life, writes Carol Hunt

Last week the birth of singer Adele's son was greeted in some quarters by rather less than the usual newborn-baby goodwill.

On Twitter, @PerfFemale posted: "Aw, Adele gave birth to a baby. Is it fat and handicapped: lol," adding, hilariously, "Just murder it already lol." A devastatingly insightful contribution from a fellow tweeter added: "I'm pretty sure that Adele secretly hopes she'll have postpartum depression, so she can make one heck of an album after it!" And another; "I don't wish 'nothing but the best for you' die bitch."

Now, immature kids, sad pathetic idiots and naturally cruel morons have long been making comments like this about random people unlucky enough to appear on their radar. It makes the poor gobshites feel better about themselves, and if they get any sort of a reaction they're only delighted. 'Whoo-hoo,' they scream delightedly in all their sad solitude: 'People are paying attention to ME! OMG! LOL! Aren't I just fabulous?!'

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