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Campbell Spray: 'The most inspirational editor across two generations’'

‘’AENGUS Fanning was the most brilliant and inspirational editor across two generations, said Sunday Independent Operations’ Editor Campbell Spray today.

’He could cut to the chase immediately. The newspaper’s job was to inform, entertain and provoke. Good copy was his mantra – wherever and whatever its source.

‘’There was a touch of divine madness about him. If you fought and argued for your point he would respect you.’’

Added Mr Spray: ‘’He was a massive professional and. I am proud to have worked with him for 27 years. I am desperately sad but his legacy is immense. He was the very lifeblood of the newspaper industry.’’

And Martin Fitzpatrick, who was Business Correspondent of the Sunday Independent from 1980 to 2006, recalled a ‘’remarkable man and Editor’’.

Describing Mr. Fanning as a ‘’one off’’, he said that few editors commanded respect from their staff and colleagues in the way he did.

And while it was widely recognised and acknowledged that the Sunday Independent was the most successful newspaper of the modern era, nobody could work out the formula.

But, added Mr. Fitzpatrick, Aengus Fanning knew the formula and that was a big part of his brilliance as an editor.

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