Sunday 17 December 2017

Cameras shift power balance to thugs

Irish hooligans' addiction to uploading violent images to YouTube is not only ugly -- it is having a constraining effect on gardai, writes Jim Cusack

AS the original big social networking site Bebo heads towards closure it will have left, somewhere in the recesses of the internet, brutish and revolting images of Irish hooligans.

They followed their peers around the world in uploading poor-quality images of "happy slapping" -- attacking complete strangers, and each other. Teenage gangs all around Ireland left a nasty legacy on the site as they, along with millions of others, migrated to the more sophisticated better quality networks of Facebook and MySpace.

Even more popular is YouTube. Type in the name of almost any socially deprived estate in Dublin, Limerick and Cork and you will see the nocturnal activities that make life a misery for their inhabitants.

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