Wednesday 22 November 2017

Brussels money men out to kill us with cash

Eilis O'Hanlon

Things were scary enough in recent days without having international news websites offering "Live Updates" on Ireland's debt crisis as EU finance ministers met in Brussels.

Every time the page refreshed, it seemed as if there was more bad news : "10.05am -- spokespersons for the Irish government insist all is well... 11.52am -- markets tumbling faster than Oliver Reed after a heavy bender... 2.46pm -- Ireland disappears off the face of the map... 4.21pm -- "crisis, what crisis?" enquires Brian Cowen, while simultaneously enquiring if anyone's interested in buying a second-hand country on the cheap, cash offers only..."

Most of us were probably starting to feel like that man who said the first thing he did every morning when he woke up was check the obituaries page in the Times, and only once he'd made sure he wasn't there would he get up.

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