Monday 23 October 2017

Bruce Arnold: SF fills vacuum by standing up to Eurocrats

I watched Michael D Higgins being interviewed on Saturday's early evening news. It lasted about seven minutes. He was addressed as 'president-elect', a formality that might have been more correct as Mr president-elect'.

It seemed our new president achieved the whole exchange in one sentence. This was characteristic of him, a self-serving ribbon of sound, paying little attention to the questions.

For years, Michael D Higgins, in his public speaking, has wrapped one clause around another in a consciously literate expression of the content of his mind. Like the longest sentence in Marcel Proust's 'A Remembrance of Things Past' that goes on for several pages, life, wisdom, beauty and art are comfortably -- even lovingly -- wrapped up in the stream of words. There will be something in it for everyone. It will make him what he has so obviously promised: a president for all the people.

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