Saturday 18 November 2017

Bruce Arnold: Master of contempt Cowen leaves chaos in his wake

BRIAN Cowen is a master of contempt. In the last 24 hours he has completed the circle of that contempt to include the whole compass of political life in this country, leaving behind him a trail of chaos and constitutional debris.

His form of contempt is blunt, gross and brutal. He claims, quite wrongly, that he and his party are on the right track and will implement recovery and progress. Not under him will they do this. They are too contemptuous of the way it should be done.

He has abused the State and its institutions. He has turned the Constitution on its head. He has undermined the role and function of the Dail on a consistent basis, making nonsense of important legislation by the contemptuous use of the guillotine and by creating -- for the first time, in the recent Act regulating the banks -- laws that within days were operated covertly and without proper public scrutiny.

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