Sunday 17 December 2017

Bruce Arnold: Enda must bare his teeth or EU will eat him alive

Forcing us to sell our national assets to pay off our debt is a polite form of robbery

It is reassuring to know that Enda Kenny, who is likely to be the next Taoiseach, will, in his own words, "hit the ground running". Much of what follows is designed to ensure that he will be running in the right direction.

He has a quite confused mandate. One part of it is his five-point plan with its related policy documents and statements, including the election manifesto. In as far as it goes and can be implemented, it is positive. There is a negative mandate as well. This is the fury of the electorate at what has been done to the country by Fianna Fail, expressed on the doorsteps during the campaign but also the subject of huge media coverage, virtually over the whole period of Brian Cowen's inept and discredited leadership of Ireland.

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