Tuesday 24 October 2017

Bruce Arnold: Economy with facts will quench the Dragon's fire

Sean Gallagher's picture of himself and Fianna Fail is now being amended in the light of facts previously muddied. He says on his campaign website -- or did until this weekend -- that he was 'a sporadic' party member.

Sporadic means 'occurring only here and there, separate, scattered'. Yet his Fianna Fail career was full-on and privileged. It lasted much longer than he says; it was anything but sporadic.

He says he "got involved in the 1980s". This was with Ogra Fianna Fail, which he headed, in Cavan, "for a year". This would be difficult without becoming a party member. He does not tell us about that or when it happened. He gives the impression that he drifted away, coming back to help in the government's 'alcohol education programme' and to work with Rory O'Hanlon and Seamus Kirk.

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