Sunday 21 January 2018

Bruce Arnold: Cowen is now nothing but an embarrassment

Bruce Arnold

Brian Cowen has lost the confidence of the Fianna Fail party and its organisation throughout the country. This completes the circle of disapproval, making it clear that he has lost the confidence of the country. Other political parties have long since lost confidence in him.

In these circumstances, he should be sent to the Park to ask the President to accept his resignation, dissolve the Dail and call an immediate general election. On his resignation, the other members of the Government, according to Article 28.11.1 will be deemed also to have resigned their office and from then on will continue to carry on their duties only until successors have been appointed.

We have never had circumstances where this situation is being so flagrantly flouted by the present incumbent, whose acts in the past seven days have clearly established that he knows and accepts he has lost the confidence of his own party but is determined to go on by-passing this. In losing that confidence, he lost the confidence generally of the Irish people.

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