Friday 23 February 2018

Bruce Arnold: A president fit for office should be fit for purpose

WE have reached a significant point in the presidential election with all candidates stretched in their campaigning and with the public increasing its demand for openness and transparency. As I see it the situation is something along the following lines.

Three of the candidates have discredited their standing and their position in the campaign by evading the truth, deliberately misleading the public, refusing to be transparent and dismissing as irrelevant the public and media reaction to these shortcomings. They are David Norris, Sean Gallagher and Martin McGuinness. There are additional offences that can be laid against them.

In the case of McGuinness, these include his criminal convictions and his responsibility for organising terrorist acts. In Northern Ireland, in the interest of reconciliation, a compromised view is being taken with the express purpose of achieving the sharing of power, and for no other reason. It does not and has not excused what he has done. It has set it aside.

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