Thursday 23 November 2017

Brendan O'Connor: Redundancy regime for public sector defies logic

It's obvious to anyone that the young and dynamic will flee leaving the pen-pushers alone to uphold the system, writes Brendan O'Connor

HANDS up if you understand the current alleged rationalisation of the public sector under Croke Park. I don't get it. I don't understand how it works and I don't understand the benefits to be got from it. Let's look at some evidence.

Under Croke Park, no one can lose their job against their will. Redundancies have to be voluntary. What they have basically done is said we need X number of redundancies -- select yourselves. So whoever feels like going gets to go, regardless of how crucial their position is, and regardless of whether they have any work to do or not, and regardless of whether they are any good at their job.

Does that not strike you as a bizarre way to pare back an organisation? Does it sound like anything you have ever heard of happening in a real organisation? In any organisation, you have certain needs and certain tasks that need to be done. In the public sector, some of these tasks are even a matter of life and death. So in the health service, you have 3,000 people leaving before next month's pensions deadline. But instead of targeting who gets to go, you let whichever 3,000 want to go head off, without any direction or input from you. Instead of saying, we need some people, others we don't need, they will have to go, you just let whoever wants to go wander off.

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