Tuesday 24 April 2018

Brendan O'Connor: Cut public sector wages not staff

The unions must accept spreading the pain so that colleagues can keep jobs, like in private companies, writes Brendan O'Connor

We're a funny crowd really. We have a great capacity for denial. And while the obvious can stare us in the face for ages, it can sometimes take one person to come out and state the obvious before we will actually confront it.

Whatever way you look at the Magda 'scandal', and whatever about mistranslations, the bottom line remains that for a bankrupt country, we offer a fairly good lifestyle to some people from Poland. It's pretty obvious to most Poles. But state that obvious fact here and it's incitement to hatred. But never mind us. Imagine what a very small number of Poles must think: "Those people are bankrupt and want to get their loans forgiven but you can live quite happily there without working. What a strange and wonderful country." Obvious to them, but not so much to us.

If the person who comes out and states the obvious is the right kind of person, one of the worthies, someone who is seen as wise, an official kind of person, then it is even more of a shocker when the obvious gets stated.

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