Monday 20 November 2017

Brendan O'Connor: Apocalypse now, but we just carry on regardless

Having trouble figuring out if the numbers for the Croke Park Agreement actually stack up? Join the club, writes Brendan O'Connor

As you read this they are going to the polls in Greece, so in the coming days it will be revealed what's to happen to that country. That revelation (or in Greek, apokalypsis) could bring the whole shooting match to a head. Do you think we will still manage to stay in our state of denial?

At this stage, Flann O'Brien couldn't make this place up. The troika's report on our progress is revealed to us through a leak, a leak mind you, from a committee of the Bundestag. A leak. Clearly they were told not to tell us but someone there thought it was only right that if they know, we should probably know. There was a time we used to get angry about that kind of thing. But now we just shrug our shoulders. Of course the Germans knew first.

They are in charge now, aren't they? They are the only ones who can save everyone, so really, we have given up any pretence of sovereignty. We barely notice when Angela announces that the next step is to cede power to Europe (for which read Germany). We vaguely wonder when we agreed to giving up our status as a country to become a statelet in the United States of Europe. And then we just move on and accept it. If it will please the markets and stop them from unleashing their apocalypse then so be it. We will go along with it. There are no real principles or opinions about anything any more apart from what will save the economy. And right now, it sometimes seems as if nothing will.

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