Saturday 24 February 2018

Breaking up is hard to do. . . and that's before you enter sewers of cyberspace

We could less work done as the day - and week - goes on
We could less work done as the day - and week - goes on

Lorraine Courtney

Break-ups hurt like hell. But breaking up in cyberspace is even harder to do. We're a generation so tech-obsessed that we are happy to vomit every cough, spit and relationship break-up to the internet. So many relationships begin online now. But they are also ending messily, publicly on the net. And what's so interesting about the whole 'ex and social networking' thing is the fact that we're still trying to work out the dynamic.

A modern problem, maybe, but then, so are the sorts of relationships they're based on. Minnie Driver found out Matt Damon had dumped her when he appeared on 'Oprah' and told the audience he had no girlfriend. Good one, Jason Bourne.

Every social networking service makes it easy to meet new people, but they make it ever more difficult to cease contact when the happy-ever-after doesn't work out. No one leaves a long-term relationship scot-free or without conflict. But as long as the healing is interrupted by online updates, moving on is even harder to do. Digital pictures and messages posted on social networks are not so easy to erase. Emails can be hacked and used in divorce courts.

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