Thursday 22 February 2018

Bloated public sector a luxury we can no longer afford

The Finance Minister needs to deliver a budget that doesn't just hammer the middle classes, says Daniel McConnell

ANOTHER week, another body blow to Ireland's credibility, yet despite all this, it was another seven days of carefree holidays for our exalted leaders. There could be, presumably, worse ways to run a country, but it is difficult to see how anyone could be as wholly inept as Brian Cowen's absent Cabinet.

Over the summer, any 'first mover' advantage or international goodwill towards Ireland has been lost.

We're firmly back in the bad books and now, as a result of the ever-increasing cost of bailing out the banks, the amount of borrowing needed to keep the lights on (or maintain a vastly inefficient, bloated and unproductive public sector) has soared to record highs.

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