Friday 23 February 2018

Blame anyone Enda, except us


IT'S one of the great Irish traits. Whenever anything goes wrong, before anyone tries to fix it, there must be the sacred ritual known as the apportioning of blame.

Indeed, in many ways we get more comfort from blaming somebody for something going wrong than we do from fixing it. We often even secretly welcome things going wrong, as it is an opportunity to blame someone. Sometimes, in extreme cases, when we can't find anyone to blame, we even blame ourselves. But not often.

Think of it. There's a car crash. You get out. The first thing you do is not to check the damage or to see if the other person is OK. It is to start blaming them. (Though sometimes you might check to see that they are not seriously injured first. If they are, you might call an ambulance before you blame them.)

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