Tuesday 16 January 2018

Blair Horan: Unfair public-service pay cuts make strike inevitable

Blair Horan

Public-service unions made a serious and genuine attempt to reach an agreement on savings

There is no disputing the seriousness of the economic problems that this country faces, with a loss of output of over 10pc of GDP, and a budget deficit still close to 12pc of GDP despite the significant adjustments over the past year. Members of public-service unions do not expect to be immune from the effects of this crisis, and have accepted expenditure cuts, as well as the need for increased productivity due to the significant retrenchment of jobs.

As citizens, they have already faced increased taxation and this will increase further in the future. Temporary jobs have been lost in the public sector, but unquestionably it is private-sector workers who have suffered most from the sudden and dramatic rise in unemployment.

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