Saturday 16 December 2017

Better to be alone than put up with a cheat

Sanctioning infidelity is not a strategy for success in a relationship -- it's an acceptance of failure, writes Julia Molony

An Australian relationships "expert" and former mistress thinks she has the answer to the world's marriage woes. Holly Hill is an advocate of "negotiated infidelity" and last week made the news by suggesting that women who want to hold on to their husbands should agree terms under which the fellas are allowed to stray.

"I think that cheating men are normal," she told CNN. "A woman that negotiates infidelity with her partner is far more powerful than a woman who is sitting home wondering why he's late from the office Christmas party."

It's a neat little aphorism that sounds momentarily convincing, until you realise her theory involves simply exchanging one deception for another.

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