Wednesday 25 April 2018

Bette Browne: The Dream might be dead, but reality is better

IN the end it was all down to the American Dream. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, like generations of politicians before them, embraced it -- and once again Obama rode to victory on the back of it. Yet his re-election heralds the end of that American Dream. The land that was forever young is finally growing up.

This nebulous Dream is not uniquely American, of course, but in America it has been uniquely naive. At its simplest, its evolution might go something like this: a longing to escape life's imperfections, marry the guy or gal next door, move to suburbia, a front garden, a white picket fence, kids to move up the ladder. Then it all began to change.

The Sixties came. The Dream was in turmoil. There was Camelot, of course, but there was also talk of equal rights. Soon there were new neighbours and not everyone was white anymore. Not everyone was even married anymore.

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