Tuesday 21 November 2017

Bette Browne: Night of shame on Staten Island, but would we really behave any better?

IT is an unimaginable scene of apocalyptic horror: A mother's two small sons are ripped from her arms as she flees with them from a raging hurricane and are swept away by waves as their mother screams in terror. She is screaming and running for help to houses along the street knocking on people's doors, but no one apparently feels able to help her and she is left on the street.

It chilled us to the core when we heard New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg speak about it on Monday and chilled us even more when we discovered they were part of our extended Irish family because their dad and grandparents are from Donegal. We hoped it wasn't true. Some of the details have since been confirmed, others have not. But we know enough to force us to grapple with disturbing questions about the level of compassion in America and, indeed, whether we in Ireland might keep our doors closed too.

Police searching for the two young brothers found the remains of Brandon (2) and Connor Moore (4) only yards from where they went missing in Staten Island, according to the 'New York Post'. The boys' mother Glenda Moore, a 39-year-old nurse, is said to have spent 12 hours screaming in the street after they were swept away, but residents would not help her look for them.

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